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Stop Smoking

It’s never been easier to quit … with just one session of hypnotherapy!

Give up smoking , for good


You have made the decision to quit smoking

If you decide to attend my clinic you will join thousands of other people who have become non-smokers after just one session of powerful hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a proved highly successful means of helping people give up smoking for good.

Become a healthy non-smoker in control of your life

Hypnosis is powerful. Most people try to stop smoking using willpower alone, which means that a large part of their mind – the unconscious mind – is in conflict with that willpower.

I will provide you with very strong software for your brain which will help you free yourself from this dangerous, smelly and unhealthy habit. All you do is relax, listen to calming music and hear the powerful suggestions tailor made to programme your unconscious mind to enable you QUIT FOR GOOD.

By using hypnosis you are in touch with that part of  your mind that controls your habits and you are, therefore, much more likely to be successful, no matter how many times you have been unsuccessful at quitting in the past.

Allow me to help you quit smoking for good.

Stop Smoking session - £95

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I use powerful and proven hypnotherapy and counselling techniques  to help you free you of addictive behaviours and prepare your mind for positive change.

Happy Clients

Some of those I have helped

I have helped many people to give up smoking for good. To learn how to control their weight, their fears and phobias. And to step out of anxiety and wave goodbye to panic attacks, insomnia, stress and worry.


I haven’t touched a cigarette since our session and better still don’t feel any urge to either


Thank you for a really useful session. The difference was incredible.

Fears and Phobias

Thank you for your help when we most needed it.

Relationship Problems

I have had good results from the past two sessions for anxiety and will definitely be back soon.

Anxiety and Depression

Four years on I am still reaping the benefits of the sessions so many thanks for that.

Anxiety and Depression

I visited you over a year ago, had two sessions and went on to lose three to five stones. I was very impressed.

Weight Control

I promised to let you know how my exam went. I passed it. The work we did was very useful.

Exam Stress

I got married last month…felt lovely and calm throughout, even when I gave my speech.

Public Speaking

About three years ago I had two sessions with Nick for weight control which I found really helpful and did achieve a substantial loss – about 21 pounds.

Weight Control

I have seen a huge improvement and can now sleep easily. Many thanks.