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Registered hypnotherapist and licensed NLP Master Practitioner Nick Ralls can transform your life through the power of hypnotherapy, counselling, life coaching and NLP.

I can help you…

to be who you want to be …

to do what you want to do …

to have what you want to have…

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Positive Change with Life Coaching

Let Nick Ralls be your consultant for positive change.

Heal your life  • Achieve your dreams

Our positive life / personal coaching enables you to

  1. Decide what you want from your life
  2. Identify what is stopping you from reaching your goals
  3. Find what you need to achieve your dreams.

Allow Nick to help you assemble your tool box - or JEWEL BOX - for positive change in your life.

Coaching sessions are available

• By telephone

• By email

• Face to face

Nick is a graduate of the Louise Hay Heal Your Life workshop leader course in San Diego, California and now a certified teacher.

His agony uncle columns have appeared in newspapers across the UK and he was the resident relationship expert on the Power FM Love Power show.

His career has taken him to varied and interesting pastures:

• Local newspaper reporter

• Feature writer

• Newspaper editor

• Proprietor of syndicated features agency

• Community magazine publisher

• Hypnotherapist, counsellor and life coach

He has skills in listening, counselling, interviewing, personal development programming, training, parenting, management, marketing and writing.

Positive Change with Life Coaching

How TOGETHER we can remove blocks to your success

Through one to one coaching we can identify and take steps to remedy

 Limiting beliefs about yourself that hold you back

 A lack of self confidence

 A lack of self esteem

 Negative patterns of thinking

 Confusion and lack of direction, etc

And how we can replace patterns that do not serve you with

 A life plan that works for you

 A confident approach and plan to all aspects of your life - career, social, leisure, emotional, financial, etc

 Positive thinking

 Powerful personal beliefs that serve you.

Expert Coach

Nick Ralls is an expert coach and personal change consultant, having trained with some of the leading lights in the world of personal development.

You find out more at the About Nick.

Training from Paul McKenna

Call Nick on 01489 799766 or email him at to hire your own personal LIFE COACH.

Nick Ralls is a successful hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor and life coach. He is also licensed as a Master Practitioner of NLP by the creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.

As a practising hypnotherapist, Nick specialises in helping people with social anxiety and low esteem.

"I have never met anyone who said their problem was that they loved themselves too much! The opposite is often true. When I ask people how much they rate themselves on a scale of one to ten it shows too often just how hard they are on themselves and how little they love themselves"

- says Nick

Nick is seen here with Paul McKenna. Nick trained in NLP with Paul in London for a total of 16 days, graduating as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotic Practitioner.

You can Heal Your Life

Nick is seen here with Louise Hay, the writer of You can Heal Your Life and founder of Hay House publishers.

Nick is a graduate of the Louise Hay Teacher Training course in San Diego, California and is qualified to lead workshops on loving yourself and others.

Learning from the Master

Nick is pictured with Dr Richard Bandler, the creator of NLP during training in London.

NLP offers effective mind programming techniques and who better to learn from than the man who invented it... the genius Richard Bandler

Nick is no stranger to personal development having learned from Louise Hay, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Neale Donald Walsch, Shakti Gawain, the Dalai Lama, Stan Dale, Ormond McGill, Dick Sutphen, Deepak Chopra, Gerald Jampolsky, Denise Linn, Tony Robbins, Brandon Bays, Wayne Dyer, Ursula Markham, Brian Weiss and other leading lights in the personal development field.

Nick has various tools to bring about personal change in clients:

• One to one coaching

• Visualisation and imagery

• Positive affirmations

• Hypnotherapy


Contact Nick on 01489 799766 or email him at for an informal chat or more information

Now you will be on course to realise your dreams and live the life you want

These are just some of the benefits of having your own personal life coach.

Contact Nick on 01489 799766 or email him at for an informal chat or more information