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Registered hypnotherapist and licensed NLP Master Practitioner Nick Ralls can transform your life through the power of hypnotherapy, counselling, life coaching and NLP.

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Free Yourself from Fear & Phobias

Our Southampton Hypnotherapy Clinic - Aisha Hypnotherapy - treats fears and phobias including fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of swimming, fear of illness, fear of spiders and fear of injections etc. Our clinic covers Southampton, Portsmouth, Eastleigh, Fareham, Hedge End abd Botley, Hampshire

An one-off session / first session is £55

Further sessions £45

Call Nick Ralls for an appointment now on 01489 799766 or email

I have helped many clients with fears and phobias:

Here is what some have said:

This client had a fear of driving...

" Things are going really well. I am starting to drive and getting more confident. I even managed to go shopping on my own. So thank you. You have turned my life around."

Fear of public speaking...

" I asked questions during the conference and felt very confident. Thank you for all your help."

Fear of exam...

" I promised I would let you know how my exam went. I passed it. The work we did was very useful."

Fear of going to theatres…

" I can now go to concerts again. Thank you for that."

Help for a client with panic attacks:

" Thank you very much for the help that you gave me. I haven't experienced any major or indeed minor panic attacks since I last saw you and I am feeling positive for the future. Once again my heartfelt thanks."

Letting go of unwanted fears and behaviour patterns

FREEING people from fear is one of the major areas of my work as a hypnotherapist.

Living with fear imprisons people as much as if they were in an actual prison cell with bars around them. In today’s computer age we could envisage it as a virtual prison.

Of course millions of people suffer from anxiety and panic attacks brought on by acute fear in their lives. So you are not alone in this. But then you are also not alone in being very miserable because of it. But I can help you...

It is my aim to help you break free form fear in all its destructive forms… quickly and effectively.

You need help with a phobia if you have a totally irrational or illogical fear of something that most other people cope with quite adequately

Acute fear is serious. It can bring on sweats, palpations of the heart, nausea, fainting and the feeling that the hairs on the arms or the back of the neck are standing on end.

Phobias include agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) and claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces)

Fears of flying, swimming, driving, spiders, wasps, public speaking, people being sick, unable to control going to the toilet, injections and heights are frequently dealt with.

Hypnotherapy is a proven fast track method of dealing with phobias and living in fear

Many fears result from belief systems gained in the earlier part of your life which no longer serves you.

A phobia is a learned response, you are not born with it.

And if it is learned it can now be unlearned using powerful mind reprogramming techniques.

Sometimes the phobia can be exaggerated because of a fear of the fear itself.

A survey in the United States found the most common phobias were fear of illness and injury, storms, animals, the outdoors (agoraphobia), death, crowds and heights.

These are some of the fears presented to me by anxious clients and I have successfully treated them using hypnotherapy quickly and effectively



Hospitals and doctors



Horse riding


The dark


Motorway driving

Injections / giving blood

Public speaking / presentations

Vomiting and being sick



Open spaces


Eating out

Swimming / water


Escalators / lifts


Toads / frogs


Crowds and people

Taking the driving test



Visiting the dentist

Having sex, etc

… and many more besides.

I can help you make that fear or phobia a thing of the past.

I am a hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of NLP

Call me now on 01489 799766 for that appointment that will change your life