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Registered hypnotherapist and licensed NLP Master Practitioner Nick Ralls can transform your life through the power of hypnotherapy, counselling, life coaching and NLP.

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Overcoming Anxiety and Freeing Yourself from Panic Attacks

Feeling Anxious?

Help is at Hand

I have been helping clients deal with anxiety, depression and panic attacks for years.

Hypnotherapy is a fast track treatment for overcoming anxiety in your daily life. I can help you replace feelings of anxiety and despondency with new positive patterns of behaviour that make your life worth living again.

No one understands more than me the crippling effects of anxiety on everyday life and relationships. Realise you are not alone. Many people are in the same boat as you.

And just as I have helped many many clients with these problems I am confident I can help you too!

So let’s look at what anxiety is

Anxiety is a feeling of unease. Everybody experiences it when faced with a stressful situation such as before an exam or an interview, or during a worrying time such as illness.

It's normal, of course, to feel anxious when facing something difficult or dangerous.

However, for one in 10 people, anxiety interferes with their normal life. Excessive anxiety is often associated with other problems such as depression.

Many of the clients I treat have anxiety which is prolonged, severe and is interfering with their everyday activities.

The Aisha Hypnotherapy Clinic helps you with anxiety, depression, negative feelings and panic attacks. Our Southampton hypnotherapy clinic covers Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester, Fareham, Portsmouth and Hampshire.

An initial session costs £55

Further sessions cost £45 each

A free initial consultation is available should you wish to discuss with Nick how he can help you

Call Nick Ralls on 01489 799766 now, or email

How I can help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks

Releasing suppressed emotions

Sometimes you might have unexpressed negative feelings about some problem in your life.

You might be unaware of these feelings because you have pushed them out of your mind. When you deny your feelings and avoid the conflicts that are bothering you you might start to feel nervous and panicky. When you release these destructive emotions and confront those problems your anxiety should diminish or disappear.

Remember that bottled up feelings do not go away. They build up within and more and more pressure is needed to contain them.

It is like trying to push a rubber boat under the surface of the water. It will always come up to the surface again no matter how hard you try to keep it underwater, and it will take more and more effort and leave you feeling exhausted trying to keep it under the water!

Underlying stress can play havoc with your emotions. If there is stress and anxiety under the surface it will only take something minor to tip you over the edge. It is a bit like a purse that is filling up with coins. It will only take a few extra coins to result in all the coins spilling out.

Sometimes I can help you with reframing past experiences that cause you trauma now and sometimes I do inner child work with you to heal the wounded child within.

Learning a new way of living

Sometimes anxiety is caused through learned behaviour… negative patterns of behaviour.  

And what is learned can be unlearned.

Using powerful mind programming techniques I can help you replace old patterns of behaviour with new constructive and positive ways of thinking.

Releasing old beliefs that do not serve you and choosing happy thoughts can also confine anxious feelings to the dustbin.

Taking them out of fear and into a place of love and acceptance can be the way forward for many people who feel anxious and are depressed by that anxiety.

Understanding the patterns in your life that trigger anxiety and depression will help you change your attitudes and realise that life is worth living again, and there will be plenty to smile about.

Stepping Out of Anxiety

I have helped many clients step out of anxiety and wave goodbye to symptoms such as panic attacks, insomnia, stress and worrying.

Here is what some of them have said:

"Thank you very much for the help that you gave me... I haven't experienced any major or, indeed, minor panic attacks since I last saw you and I am feeling positive for the future

Once again my heartfelt thanks"

"Four years on I am reaping the benefits of the sessions I had... so many thanks for that."

"Many thanks for your excellent help. I feel much more positive about life."

"I do honestly feel I have made good gains in our sessions and I am looking forward to addressing everything successfully."

"I would like to thank you so much for your understanding... your compassion shines out."

"Thank you for all you have done for me"

"After my sessions with you I have found an inner calmness and confidence that I haven't had for many years. I must confess that initially I was sceptical"

Success Story....

“Since my last session a couple of months ago, I have been out and felt really good. I’m rather more upbeat in my general demeanour, not so withdrawn and introspective. Also my tinnitus has virtually gone. So rather a success story. Long may it continue. Many thanks.” PL

Removing the Pain of Social Phobia

SOCIAL phobia is something I have long specialised in. I know how crippling it can be if untreated...

Social phobia is an intense fear of becoming humiliated in social situations, specifically of embarrassing yourself in front of other people.

People with social phobia often feel as if:

In social situations people with social phobia will feel intense anxiety. Some people with social phobia are only comfortable with close friends and family.

Many people can be anxious dealing with people in authoritative positions such as bosses.

I can help you overcome low self esteem and frustration that can settle in after social disappointments and a perceived feeling of rejection, and help you move towards mastery of the situations you find most difficult.

Just how socially anxious are you?

Read the statements below and mark each one:

a) Not me;

b) Yes, that’s me;

c) That’s very me…

  1. I was a shy and anxious child.
  2. I never know what to say in social situations.
  3. I feel nervous when speaking to members of the opposite sex on a one to one basis.
  4. I feel nervous when speaking to someone of the same sex on a one to one basis.
  5. I am very nervous when talking to someone I am attracted to.
  6. I am very nervous when talking to someone in a position of authority.
  7. I am more shy than my peers.
  8. I feel socially anxious every day.
  9. It takes me a long time to overcome my social fears in new situations.
  10. I feel others are constantly evaluating what I do and say.


Score 1 point for every a)

Score 2 points for every b)

Score 3 points for every c)

What your scores tell you:

1 to 10: Some social anxiety

11 to 19: Fairly socially anxious

20 to 30: Very socially anxious

A first session costs £55

The cost of further sessions is £45 per session

Call 01489 799766 now, or email

Daytime & evening appointments available

Why you might be feeling anxious

Here are some of the problems which can lead to anxiety:

You might be suffering from a phobia

A phobia is a fear that is out of proportion to the real danger posed by the thing that triggers it. They interfere with your ability to lead a normal life. Common phobias are fear of heights, driving, spiders, mice, blood, injections or enclosed space (claustrophobia). Agoraphobia, another common phobia, is a fear of various places and situations, such as crowds or public places [see my Fears & Phobias page…]

Social phobia is also one of the more common, but complex, phobias. If you are affected by this, meeting people causes anxiety, and you might be overly worried about what others think of you.

One form of social phobia is severe anxiety about speaking or performing in public. It's common to feel nervous in these situations, but people with social phobia find these activities almost impossible [see my Social Anxiety & Shyness page…]

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

This anxiety disorder consists of recurring obsessions and/or compulsions.

Obsessions are recurring thoughts or images about specific things that trigger feelings of disgust. Common obsessions include fears around germs, dirt or violence.

Compulsions are thoughts or actions that people feel they must do or repeat. A compulsion is usually a response to ease the anxiety of an obsession. For example, repeatedly washing your hands to deal with an obsession about dirt.

Panic Attacks

Panic disorder is where you live in "fear of fear". This causes panic attacks - a sudden sense of anxiety that occurs without warning and with no apparent trigger. The symptoms of the anxiety can be very severe and may feel like a wave of panic. Panic attacks usually last five to 10 minutes but they can last longer.

These are the symptoms associated with a panic attack. If you suffer from them you are not alone. Many people have had them at some time in their lives and some get them from time to time....

Symptoms include:

• very rapid breathing or feeling unable to breathe

• very rapid heartbeat  •  pains in your chest

• feeling faint or dizzy  •  sweating

• ringing in your ears  •  tingling or numbness in your hands and feet  •  hot or cold flushes

• feeling nauseous  •  wanting to go to the toilet

• feelings of absolute terror

I help people overcome panic attacks that recur in their lives, giving them new strategies that work at an unconscious level.

Sometimes anxiety may be a symptom of depression or alcohol dependence.

I help clients deal with anxiety and depression caused by life events. For example, acute anxiety can happen after stressful events like bereavements, divorce or losing a job. They can happen before examinations or life changing events.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can happen after you experience or witness a traumatic event, such as a major accident or you might have been a victim of violence or abuse.

Continual anxiety

Anxiety can be long-term where you feel worried most of the time about things that might go wrong.

This is often referred to as generalized anxiety. It can work under the surface so that when other anxieties occur everything seems to get out of proportion and you are all over the shop!

Symptoms of Anxiety

When you are anxious, you may also experience a range of physical symptoms. These happen because of your body's so-called "fight or flight" response, which is caused by the release of the stress hormone adrenaline. Physical symptoms can include:

• abdominal discomfort  •  diarrhoea  •  dry mouth

• rapid heartbeat or palpitations  •  tightness or pain in chest  •  shortness of breath  •  dizziness

• frequent urination  •  difficulty swallowing

• shaking

Psychological symptoms can include:

• insomnia  • feeling worried or uneasy all the time

• feeling tired  •  being irritable or quick to get angry

• an inability to concentrate  •  a fear that you are going "mad"

Call me now so I can help you

I am a registered hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of NLP with years of experience in helping clients of all ages and backgrounds deal successfully with anxiety, depression and panic attacks using powerful mind control techniques.

Let me help you release the anxiety that might be crippling your life so that you can move forward into a new positive way of living.

A free initial consultation is available should you wish to discuss how I can help you